Transponder Key Programmer

  • Tag Key Tool
    With tag key tool you can program keys/transponders for vehicles, bikes or trucks from different brands that using Megamos 13, Megamos 48 (Megacrypt I), Megamos 8E (Megacrypt II), Temic 11, Temic 12, T5, TK5555, Philips PIT - 7930/7931/7935 (PIT), Philips HITAG2 – 7936, 7941, 7942, 7943, 7944, 7945, 7946, 7947, 7952, 7953, 7961.
  • AD90 Key Programmer
    The professional duplicating machine, AD90, has been designed and built to keep pace with the constant evolution of transponder car keys
  • MVP Key Programmer Spanish V2013
    Covers all version functions of T300, AUTOMAM, K1, 2005, 2008, DECODER), and add more functions, such as the update 06-07 Honda system, Peugeot system and control, Hyundai system and control, the menu and control of Daewoo, Kia control, GM control and System update, Mitsubishi CAN BUS System, VW menu and control, CAN BUS Interface.
  • FLY100 Scanner Locksmith Version
    The FLY100 Scanner Locksmith Version is the one-stop tool for H-onda all cars. It can do smart keys. No need to input password. The machine automatically calculate the password and enter the IMMO system.
  • Clone King for Transponder / Chip
    The main engine can distinguish the 4D transponder more than 10 kinds of formats like 60-68-XX and etc.Secondly It can distinguish 8E and 8C Transponder.Thirdly,can distinguish ID 48 Crypto transponder for (VW ID 48, Audi ID 48, Seat ID 48 and Skoda ID 48)
  • 4D key Clone King
    4D key Clone King
  • Key Copy Tool-Transponder key Programmer
    Key Copy Tool-Transponder key Programmer
  • Mercedes Benz EIS Repair Tool
    Mercedes Benz EIS Repair Tool used to repair Benz key failure that intermittently or permanently can not turn ignition on, including the key twist fixed, the key data code hopping, remote control can not be used, the ignition lock (EIS) can not diagnose and so on.
  • SUZUKI Immo Emulator OKI
    SUZUKI Immo Emulator OKI
  • DAEWOO Immo Emulator
    DAEWOO Immo Emulator Use: 1.ECM of white-red plug with processor Motorolla HC11F1 plugs with processor Motorolla HC11F1