SV5Q Automobile Exhaust Gas Analyzer

SV5Q Automobile Exhaust Gas Analyzer


Introduction:SV5Q Automobile Exhaust Gas Analyzer

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SV5Q Automobile Exhaust Gas Analyzer

Main Technical Parameter:


Measurement Range
CO: 0~10.0 10-2 (%)    CO2: 0~20.0 10-2 (%)   
HC: 0~10000 10 -6 (ppm)    O2: 0~25.0 10-2 (%)  
NO: 0~40000 10 -6 (ppm)
Response Time
CO,HC,CO2≤10s, NO,O2≤15s
Indication Error
CO: ±5%(relative error:0~10%)   
CO2: ±5%(relative error:0~20%)
HC: ±5%(relative error:0~4000ppm)±10%(relative error:4001~10000ppm)
O2: ±5%(relative error:,0~25%) 
NO: ±4%(relative error:)
AC 220V±10%;50Hz±1Hz
Preheating Time
10 min.
Gross Weight
Packing Size
610 * 500 * 330mm


Main Function:
1. Used to measure the concentration of HC、CO、CO2、O2、NO(4Q without NO)in the Automobile Exhaust Gas.
2. Two kinds of test function: General and Two-speed idle
3. Full English Menu Operation
4. LCD (liquid crystal) screen displays
5. Auto-zeroing
6. Automatic calculation and show the air-fuel ratio λ
7. Equipped with RS232 digital serial communication interface to facilitate networking
8. Optional function: rotate speed and oil temperature measurement
9. Equipped with functions of Plate number and time display
10. Can store and search 500 groups of data, built-in printer
11. Measurable with liquefied gas (LG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and gasoline and other alternative fuel vehicles.